Lux Fátima Park Hotel
Fátima, Portugal

Lux Fátima Park is a Residential Hotel located in Fátima, Portugal, close to the famous Fátima Sanctuary and with a privileged location in the city center.

This job was done in 2007, as a 4-star hotel, composed of apartments and suites. With a modern and functional design, the Hotel Lux Fátima Park is designed for the most demanding client. For this, it relied on AZEMAD Contract's dedicated services, which, with its experience and know-how of its human resources, designed and produced all Hotel Furniture and the various wooden infrastructures present in the project.

The concept of modern and functional design is perfectly balanced, adapting the decorative elements in order to create a sober and peaceful environment, harmonizing with the spiritual aura that surrounds the city and those who visit it looking for a peaceful environment.

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