Évora Olive Hotel
Évora, Portugal

Located within the walls of the city of Évora, in Portugal, the Évora Olive Hotel is the starting point for an unforgettable trip through this typical city in Alentejo. The Évora Olive Hotel is a 4-star hotel, which was born from the refurbishment of the Eborim building.

As a “Unique” segment, from the Lux Hotels Group, it was developed with the objective of providing guests with a personalized service, a unique, intimate and special environment. In order to provide this environment, the Lux Group relied once again on AZEMAD as its partner of trust for “Contract” services - Furniture and Hospitality - thus trusting the company to adapt and to harmonize the design to the whole identity  concept to be created.

AZEMAD developed and designed all the Wood Furniture and infrastructures, which stand out with its contemporary and minimalist lines, especially the famous “Escada de Caracol”,(snail steps) an attention grabber given its grandeur by the hotel reception, featuring wooden light  steps and Led lighting.

The olive inspired theme captured from olive oil and its trees, is  ever-present in all spaces in detail and reflect the identity of Alentejo´s capital, highlighting the choice of light and “virgin” tones, with wood being the predominant material in all spaces.

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