Gaivota Hotel
São Miguel, Azores - Portugal

Hotel Gaivota is one of the oldest São Miguel island landmarks. Located in the center of Ponta Delgada and close to Portas do Mar, this hotel offers panoramic views of the marina and of the Atlantic Ocean.

Its facilities, recently renovated by AZEMAD Contract, offer the highest standards of elegance and hospitality. All rooms and common areas were intervened by AZEMAD, which applied all its know-how and productive capacity in this project.

Composed of 27 rooms, 18 apartments and 4 suites, all the furniture conveys great elegance and delicacy, inspiring those who envoy the space with the contrasting dark and light tones, thus involving all guests in a relaxed atmosphere with a modern touch.

The decor is inspired by the island's natural materials, such as Portuguese cobblestones and all rooms have wooden floors, carefully applied by AZEMAD. The modernism present does not overshadow the original classic lines of this tourist complex, thus striking a perfect balance between formal and tranquility that the space offers.

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