Aurea Fátima Hotel Congress & SPA
Fátima, Portrugal

Located in the main avenue of the city of Fatima and with a privileged location to the Sanctuary, the Aurea Fátima Hotel Congress & Spa stands out for the diversity of its amenities and its refined decoration concept.

This 4 star Congress & Spa Hotel has spacious common areas, with sophisticated and elegant elements. Each of the spaces has the inspiration and name of a precious stone, which inspired its decoration, furniture and decorative elements by AZEMAD Contract.

Besides the inspiration in precious stones which add a luxury flavour to this hotel unit, the brightness of gold, the luminosity of white and the refinement of black, refer to the concept of an aura, in association with the name of the hotel, but also to the religious belief present in this region.

Following all this line and concept, the richness of all the elegant details, faithfully produced by AZEMAD, demonstrate all delicacy and attention to detail that the company applies in every project.

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