Caloura Resort
São Miguel, Azores - Portugal

The Caloura Resort, located in Lagoa on the south coast of São Miguel island, is in a protected area and under the influence of a favorable microclimate that offers a magnificent panoramic view over the Atlantic and access to the natural volcanic pools.

This 4-star resort, encircled by the magnificent natural surroundings of trees, vines, flowers and walls of black volcanic stone, in addition to the imposing ocean, interconnects all its bounding between land and sea.

With all these elements in perspective, the renovation carried out by AZEMAD Contract, focused on the development of furniture and decorative pieces that accentuate all the delicacy and luminosity inherent to this space.

With a modern and contemporary decor, but maintaining its naturally classic lines, it conveys all the feeling of lightness and elegance that characterizes and distinguishes this hotel, making all the parallelism between the  surrounding nature elements.

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