As Américas
Aveiro, Portugal

Located Aveiro´s city center, As Américas is a 4-star hotel unit, recognized for the building's conceptual uniqueness, making it one of the most emblematic in the city.

With stunning XX century design and an architectural style, composed by an “Art Nouveau” house, the Hotel offers unique spaces, provided by its eclectic decor, where the distinctive touch of AZEMAD Contract is found, offering high level comfort and convenience to rooms and suites.

Inspired by the “Art Nouveau” movement, which is all present in this hotel, AZEMAD produced hotel furniture and eclectic decor, which brings forward a “new modernism”, thus applying the concepts of asymmetrical lines, use of arches and curved shapes, mosaics and stained-glass, in addition to connecting all nature present in the Hotel, with emphasis on the balconies of the rooms embraced by the natural vegetation.

All this elegant line renovated by AZEMAD's Contract service, makes this hotel faithfully display and a real reference of “Hotel Art Nouveau & Design”.

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